How a small decision can turn your life around

If you’re not living the life of your dreams and feel trapped in a rut, it could be down to poor decisions you have made. If you fail to make positive decisions such as quitting bad habits or changing negative patterns of behaviour, you are holding yourself back from getting where you want to be in life.

More often than not your gut instinct is the decision to go with but there are tips and techniques we can utilise to make good decisions quickly. Weighing up the pros and cons of a decision is logical but don’t waste too much time deliberating or worrying about the consequences. Perhaps tackling problems in a different way is the answer.

Maybe you struggle with indecisiveness or self doubt. Perhaps you simply need to stop procrastinating and become more assertive at decision making. Learning about the science behind decision making is incredibly helpful for making better decisions.

What small decision can you make today to improve your life?

Even a tiny decision can become a catalyst for change. Just imagine if you decided to ditch the burger and chips in favour of a healthy salad. Your body would immediately benefit from a vitamin boost, you’d consume less unhealthy fat and your mind would benefit too.

This small decision could make you feel so good that you resolve to eat healthy meals more often. The results would be improved health, greater vitality and increased self esteem. You may even resolve to start exercising regularly to get even fitter and healthier.

Changes will only occur when you act on your decisions

Acting on your decisions will bring about the results you desire; making wishy-washy decisions and not following through won’t. As you get into the habit of following through on decisions; you will become more confident at taking decisive action and see that commitment really does result in achieving goals.

Give your mind space to make better decisions

The constant chatter in our minds can distract us from focusing. Giving the mind some space can help us to clarify our thoughts and make sound decisions. Studies have shown that mindfulness meditation is an effective tool for smarter decision making.

Make smarter decisions at work

Making sound decisions at work or for your business can be stressful but don’t be deterred. There are practical techniques you can master for slower and smarter thinking which will help you make better business decisions. Do take all relevant factors into account and be clear on the desired result. Bear in mind that asking colleagues for their opinions can bring a different perspective.

There will be times when fail to make the best decision but consider poor decisions as opportunities for learning and move on.

Learn from past decisions

Pat yourself on the back for any excellent decisions you have made in the past. Look objectively at any bad decisions you made, but Instead of dwelling on regrets learn from the mistakes you made and move on.

Remember effective decision making is a skill that can be developed.

Embrace decision making

Be grateful that you have the freedom and capacity to make your own decisions. As your confidence and decisiveness increase you may even begin to welcome making decisions that you know will improve your life.

Share important decisions you make with people you trust as it will boost your resolve and commitment to following through and backing down will be harder.

Do you need a life coach?

Making the decision to engage with a professional life coach could be one of the best decisions you ever make. Your personal coach will help to clarify what is important to you and become a trusted source of encouragement as you overcome issues that are holding you back in life.

A life coach’s unbiased guidance will help you to make excellent decisions so that you can achieve your best possible life.

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