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9 ways to start loving yourself the way you deserve to be loved

Perhaps you were brought up to believe it’s selfish to love yourself. Maybe you loathe yourself because you don’t live up to your own or other people’s standards. Loving yourself is not selfish; it is essential. Isn’t it time for you to recognise all your unique qualities which make the world a better place?

Self love is the key to truly loving others, enjoying better health and opening up opportunities that will lead to success and a better life. There are science backed benefits to loving yourself and understanding the science behind self love can assist you as you take your first steps on the journey to becoming your own best friend and loving yourself the way you deserve to be loved.

Believe that you deserve to be loved

Mental chatter which focuses on your failures and berates you for mistakes you’ve made in the past can convince you that you don’t deserve to be loved. Make the conscious decision to love yourself from this moment on.

Replace your negative self judgement with positive uplifting reminders that you are worthy and deserving of love. Studies have shown that self-affirmation increases self-compassion so quash the negative voices with some passionate self love affirmations that will change the way you see yourself and boost your self esteem.

Forgive yourself

Forgive yourself for any bad decisions you have made and move on. Dwelling on the past can destroy your confidence and lower self esteem making it harder for you to feel loveable.

Right now is the time to leave all your regrets behind and move forward on your journey of self love.